My Love Affair With Kettlebells

Yes I openly admit I am a little bit obsessed and in love with the kettlebell.   I believe they have changed my life on many levels, sounds a little dramatic I know. A very respected kettlebell trainer said to me “kettlebells arent magic”, technically he is correct but they are magic to me. They have given me a purpose to my training. Exercise for the sake of burning calories, burning fat, building this muscle or that may keep some people motivated but I suspect not for long and not on a consistent basis and it certainly wasn’t giving me the joy or motivation towards training that I feel now.

The kettlebell commands your attention. You don’t just walk into a room pick up a bell and move it how it is intended to be moved. It takes practice, it is a skill that needs to be taught and learned over time and much practice. This is a good thing because it keeps you coming back time and again. You look forward to the practice, to improving the way you move your body and the way you move the bell and that is another way of saying it encourages consistency.

Training with the bell keeps you in the moment. You don’t just mindlessly pick it up and start swinging it around.   I remember when I first started being trained with the kettlebell, thinking, there is so much I need to think about and just when I think I have all that under control then more would be added to the list. There was no time to be thinking about anything other than what I was doing right then, be in the moment. This is a really big thing for those with an overactive mind. There are people out there who don’t think unless they need to think about something at that very time that needs doing etc. I found this absolutely unbelievable, my mind does not stop, there is one thought after another vying for space in there which is not healthy. Training with the bells is my moment that all this mind noise stops, its my meditation of sorts.

I have to say I am still amazed and very impressed with the training effect, how high my heart rate soars and my lungs burn, with 2 feet still firmly planted on the ground.  When impact became something I had to reduce then bells are what I turned to.

Kettlebell training does come with side effects.   Strength, confidence, a respect for my body and what it can do, a strong and pain free back – which had been a problem for years before, a set of visible abs (most of the year), a booty – proudly built by bells, flexibility, fitness, oh and calluses!

After 5 years I still get excited on training days! Except maybe for the days when there are lunges and pushups!

I have been training a number of incredible women for years now and I asked them along with some newcomers what they like about kettlebells and what keeps them coming back:

“When I first tried kettlebells I couldnt do most of the exercises – let alone with a bell.  It is empowering to master and increase weights as I get stronger and more fit.  Kettlebells have been a big ingredient in helping me lose 15kg this year!”

“You need to concentrate because a lot of the moves are so dynamic compared to “normal” weights so its almost like it takes your mind off being bored.  I also find it as good as yoga ‘head space’ wise.  Its fun and you get results fast and can maintain them with just a couple of sessions per week.  Plus it has really decreased my back pain.”

“Training with kettlebells makes me feel strong.  There are many variations so I never get bored.  It is challenging and I am always concentrating on technique so before I know it the session is over.”

“My reasons for enjoying kettlebells:

The fact that you have to switch on your mind and engage your whole body in order to use a kettlebell correctly means it becomes an exercise in concentration too!
There is plenty of scope to increase your training requirements by increasing weights as you become fitter and stronger.
There is no race to finish, you can train at your own pace.”

“Why I love kettlebells : I get quick results. Its never the same, never gets boring so I always look forward to training.  It is an all body workout.  Good for all fitness levels, just adjust the size of the bell.  It is fun and exciting!”

“I love kettlebells because of the strength I can gain very quickly.
I love kettlebells because they get my heart going.
I love kettlebells because they give me a butt made of steel.
I love kettlebells because they give me the sexiest calluses and bruises!”

“Training with the kettlebell is good for your brain and good for your body!”