I am a 46 year old mum of 2 teens and a slave to 2 sausage dogs.  I am a country girl, a lover of nature, all things gardening and I could walk all day long.  Someone who loves to eat, loves to cook, loves to move and loves to write.

I have been in the fitness industry for around 15 years now and work as a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor.

I aim to put the fun back into getting healthy and lean and I have a point to prove that you can enjoy the journey on the way to a healthier, fitter and happier you.

I love the role of motivator and teacher and the most rewarding part of my career is being able to help people have the confidence, belief, tools and support to transform their body, going from weak to strong and overweight to lean.

It was my personal transformation that started my education into training and nutrition. In my late teens I suffered from anorexia, which was replaced by bulimia a few years later and continued for nearly 10 years!

As I searched for a way to kick my disordered eating I started looking to food as a fuel to make my body work well instead of a tool to medicate or beat myself up. I started to focus on what my body could do during exercise instead of how many calories or how much fat I was burning off. It has been a long road, a slow journey but a permanent one. I lost 20kg and have kept it off, learnt many things about me and the body in general plus managed to find a lifestyle that I love, can comfortably live everyday and wouldn’t change for anything.

I am driven to share what I have lived and learnt and help other people get to this comfortable place.

“Only that which you have experienced yourself can be called knowledge, the rest is just information”

It is my mission to inspire and give people hope when they lost theirs , to get them to try once more when they have given up trying, to help them do things differently when they think they have tried every way possible. To encourage people to “breathe” when they have been holding their breath for so long.

“Dieting is like holding your breath, eventually you need to breathe” – Leanne Lane

Current qualifications, positions and ongoing education includes:

  • Certified Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor – BodyStep, BodyAttack, BodyVive
  • Cerificate 3 in Health and Fitness – Group Fitness/Gym Instructor (Australian Institute of Fitness)
  • Certificate 4 in Health and Fitness – Personal Trainer (Fitness Institute of Australia)
  • Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Instructor – Australian Kettlebells
  • Assistant for Iron Edge – Teaching Kettlebell Certifications to Personal Trainers
  • Z Health Certified Trainer – Neuroplasticity (change the brain to change the body)
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Strongfirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Certification with Pavel Tsatsouline
  • Strongfirst Bodyweight Certification with Coach Karen Smith
  • Rehab Trainer
  • Animal Flow
  • Original Strength Coach Level 1
  • Registered with Fitness Australia