A demographic I am extremely passionate about teaching and inspiring.  Arming teenagers with the gift of loving to move their bodies, of prioritising getting strong, fit and healthy, is priceless.  We provide a safe, non competitive environment where they can learn how to move well and follow realistic, age specific training . 


Teen Strength is developed for our teenage girls to get strong, increase fitness, learn how to move better and develop a good relationship with their bodies. Whether its to improve their sport of choice or whether this is their sport of choice, they will walk away with better posture, improved fitness and strength.  A strong body equals a strong mind and these sessions can assist our teenage girls develop positive body image.


Teenage Boys session teaches our boys HOW to train safely and effectively. I provide a safe environment for them to both learn and let off steam as they train hard but smart and train right for their bodies. When you are stronger and you move better everything improves, from their posture, performance in sport or their chosen active endeavours and even self confidence.  My role is to offer solid instruction of the basics and teach our boys what they need to know and how to do it properly. 


What a gift to give your teen.  To help them walk down the path of strength, fitness, health and happiness right when it can help them the most.  These programs run over 1 week during the school holidays and include daily training sessions, education sessions on nutrition, exercise and mindset. a healthy morning tea and recipes along with other activities all designed to help them build strong, fit, healthy bodies and minds. Your teen will leave feeling great and be armed with an arsenal of tools to help them “live the lifestyle”.