Online Training Sessions


The instructor cannot make judgments on your fitness for training.  It is your responsibility to present medical advice based on your current situation.  Any medical condition which may be aggravated by this training must be advised to the instructor prior to commencing training.

It is important that if your medical fitness deteriorates or is aggravated in any way during the training or between training days, you notify the Instructor.

If training aggravates or causes a recurrence of any undisclosed medical condition, the prospective participant acknowledges that the instructor will have no liability to the participant in contract, in negligence or otherwise in respect of any loss or damage suffered by the Prospective Participant as a result of any aggravation or recurrence of any undisclosed condition suffered by the prospective participant.

The instructor will demonstrate various exercise options to accommodate the participant’s individual skills, fitness abilities and participants will be expected to take part to a level which is appropriate for their own capabilities.