PERSONAL TRAINING – one on one sessions are available for either 30min or 45min in duration. This time is all about you. We discuss your goals, current lifestyle, changes you are prepared to make and a program is designed accordingly. One on one sessions are an opportunity to learn how to move well, how to challenge your body to change but train smart to avoid downtime from injuries or burnout, all with my undivided attention for the duration of the session. I believe in a wholistic approach.  Training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle choices all form part of the life changing plan to achieve your health, fitness and fat loss goals.  Packages are tailored to suit your time, budget and degree of support needed.

GROUP SESSIONS – we update our timetable regularly to offer a variety of ways to move your body and achieve your goals.   We do not do drop ins or casual visits, we do RESULTS!  Train with a small group of committed individuals of varying fitness levels.  Class sizes are capped at 10.  Classes range from 30m to 1 hour in duration.

GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING – this is where we write you your own personalised program and we teach it to you in a group of 2-4 other clients who are also undertaking their own programs.  Whatever your goal, we can write a plan accordingly. Personal training without the personal training price tag.