nutrition coaching

When and why did something so simple and instinctive as eating, get so complicated and confusing?

Would you like to find a way to lose weight, gain energy and improve health whilst keeping your sanity?

Would you like to have a good relationship with food and your body and finally be comfortable in your skin? 

Here is your chance to simplify things.  Free yourself from dieting, bingeing and being “f&*$ed up around food.  Put an end to the stress of constantly questioning what you should be eating and what you should be doing.

Nutrition Coaching is like personal training for your diet. We take where you currently are, find out where you want to be and devise a plan to get you there.

“Dieting is like holding your breath, eventually you need to breathe.”


Work with me to change the way you think, eat and move.  Get the tools and support and learn where to direct your focus to lose fat permanently and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Coaching is not just about information. Its not about telling someone what to do, its about helping them find their own best way that works within their lifestyle, budget and personality.  Coaching is about digging and finding what you “really” need and providing strategies to help you achieve change. Its about helping you understand why, helping you plan for how and supporting you when you think you can’t.

“If you want to change your body, start with your mind.”




“Working with Leanne has been like nothing I’ve experienced before. Like so many other women, I’ve been on every diet, plan and tried it all. But with Leanne I truly felt that someone cared about more than just how much I weighed. It was great to begin to feel truly strong, and in control for the first time…..ever. If you’ve had enough of doing the same old thing and getting the same old results, and now want something real, then don’t even hesitate. Leanne’s program is amazing. It will change your life.”


Look as fit as you feel – Have energy that lasts all day – Improve your health and mood – Feel great in your skin!

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