• Do you have a niggling injury that is holding you back?  
  • Do you have a weak link or imbalance that is not allowing you to progress your training?  
  • Do you currently have a rehab plan that you never actually do on your own?

No worries, we have got you covered! 

Specialising in Rehabilitation came organically to me.  I had my share of injuries including a debilitating back injury back in my days as an overexerciser, someone who had poor posture, never stretched and knew nothing about my body other than how to effectively make it sweat and puff.  I rehabbed myself, became fascinated with how the body works, did numerous courses, a Rehab Certification and now passionately teach that how we move matters. I understand how important exercise is and love that I can help people keep moving when they are a bit broken and also contribute to getting them back to 100%.


One on one or group sessions are available to help you work on your weaknesses, imbalances and broken bits. We can write you your personal training program that will strengthen, activate and rehabilitate as needed plus where appropriate we can incorporate some harder or more intense training for the bits that are still functioning fine!  

Alternatively we are experienced in and happy to work with your physio, follow their program and ensure you complete it correctly, consistently and even provide them with feedback where required.


“Now that I train with someone that is passionate about correct movement and engaging the muscles required for each and every single thing that I execute whilst in the gym, I can see results and feel the difference.
Previously I had neck and upper back issues, which are 100% non-existent now, as Leanne has the knowledge to see why my problems were occurring and retrained me to not ‘hang off my traps’. Whenever I lift anything now, I don’t use my neck – I use the strength developed in Leanne’s gym, as well as the knowledge gained from her – to move properly.” – Mandy Bubb

“I have injuries that need to be carefully considered. Other trainers have not fully understood my situation in the past and Physiotherapists have even suggested that gentle yoga and walking may be my best exercise
options from here on in, considering my injuries. This was never going to be enough for me. Luckily
I kept searching and found someone who listened to my situation and had the knowledge to assist me.! !
Leanne’s understanding of human movement is extensive and comprehensive. She is always
studying and learning to further her knowledge and keep her skills current and up to date. Leanne
is constantly aware of the areas I need to pay attention to and understands how to exercise without damaging. Her low-impact training sessions have made a big impact on my fitness and have helped to strengthen my muscles and improve my flexibility. And it’s fun! The short version is, I feel amazing.” – Charmaine Clements

“My experience with Leanne Lane PT has been life changing.  Having lived with pain for many years from an old injury,  I thought pain and the inability to partake in basic forms of exercise was now how I had to lead my life.   I have been pain free since week 2 of joining Leanne and found her experience, knowledge and expertise amazing.  She has provided wonderful support plus given me the confidence & relevant programs to move forward from this injury.” – Tania Walker