Chicken And Veggie Fritters

This chicken and veggie fritter was an experiment of mine to recreate the veggie fritters I used to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner all the time when I used to be able to eat eggs. I managed a nice tasting fritter using a besan flour but I had to keep the quantity of flour quite up there and unfortunately I don’t tolerate legumes well either. So I went about seeing how many veggies I could stuff into these fritters using chicken mince as the binder to make them more veggie based and chasing that fritter texture as opposed to a pattie based on meat which I eat all the time too but wasn’t what I was after with this recipe. So I think I had great success with this little experiment and I actually wrote down the ingredients and quantities I used so you can make them too without having to experiment or guess.

The texture of these is good and what I was after. They are light and a great breakfast food which again was the purpose of this experiment. I have lots of lunch and dinner ideas at my disposal but breakfast is tough when you cant eat eggs or dairy or grains or legumes.

I will say these are a little more time intensive than I would normally invest into my food. I like food that is simple and quick to prepare but because these are panfried instead of baked they do take some time to stand over the stove and cook. BUT I decided they are worth it and I just multitasked and made some soup at the same time and did some kitchen organisation.
So here they are. Go forth and create and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Chicken and Veggie Fritters
1 whole medium sweet potato – grated
1 whole large parsnip – grated
1 whole small to medium zucchinin – grated
2 cups of spinach diced
1 bunch of coriander or basil
500g Free Range Chicken Mince
zest of a lemon
salt to taste

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and roll up your sleeves. Using your hands squish all the ingredients through your fingers to mix the mince into the veggies. Yes you have to use your hands to get that really good dispersement. I would usually do this in the Thermomix on reverse but this recipe wont fit. Once all very well combined then make round patties with wet hands and press to flatten them into an oiled or non stick pan. Cook over a low to medium heat and flip once browned. Once the second side is browned remove them from the pan and cook the next batch.
Serves 4

NOTE: I eat very simple food. You can make these more flavoursome by adding different herbs or spices. You could add some texture using some nuts or seeds. Or you could add some decadence by adding some feta or parmesan cheese.