My Smoothie Tips – For The Non Smoothie Person

I have never really been much of a smoothie girl as I like to eat my food not drink it. In saying that I have found a smoothie fits well into my routine the last couple of months so I have gone about building them in a way that I really love them and my body does too. I thought I would share my simple smoothie template or tips in case there are others out there who might enjoy them this way too.

The biggest tip I would give. Don’t try to put too much stuff in there! Oh and buy a good blender. I love my Breville.

My Smoothie Model
– 2 fruit, 2 veg, roughly a cup of each.

– Add a liquid. I use water or cold green tea as my base. If you don’t add enough liquid you can get an unpleasant texture so trial and error but I tend to do around 1 cup.

– Add a fat. If I don’t want to be hungry in 30 minutes then I need to add a fat plus it is great to help create a nice texture. I use nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocado or coconut.

– Add a protein. Again this will help turn the smoothie into a balanced liquid meal and that will keep you balanced too. Personally I only ever use collagen powder as I am unable to tolerate plant based powders or dairy but you could use a protein powder or yoghurt as a protein.

– When it comes to veggies I try to match the veggies to the fruit flavours. If I am using a sweet fruit like banana or mango I can get away with a stronger flavoured veggie like kale or broccoli (not that I do haha, see below). If I am not using very sweet fruits I tend to stick to more bland veggies like zucchini, cucumber, spinach, sprouts, cauliflower or sweet vegetables like beetroot and baby carrots.

– Use frozen veggies. It just makes the texture so much better. Not like you are drinking cold soup! Blah I cant stand drinking that fibrous gluggy shake. Freezing the veggies alleviated this for me. You can also freeze blanched veggies for those whose tummies don’t like raw ones, especially the cruciferous ones.

– Not essential but essential for me is “don’t mix colours”. I do not want to drink a brown smoothie so I make purple smoothies, pink smoothies, orange ones and green ones. I just like it better that way.

Some of my current favourite combos are below but I am always trying new ones. Do get creative yourself and let me know when you come up with a winner.

Purple – beetroot, blueberry, frozen zucchini, raspberries, almond butter, collagen
Orange – Orange, Mango, Baby Carrot, Peeled frozen celery, hemp seeds, collagen
Green – mango, kiwi, spinach, cucumber, avocado, lemon, green tea, collagen
Yellow – pineapple, mango, cucumber, white part of celery, lime juice, collagen
Pink – strawberry, watermelon, lime, cucumber, celery, coconut, collagen

Oh and for those that still dont like to drink their food, then maybe the smoothie bowl is for you. We will talk about those a little later :).