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Food Fear – Part 1

FOOD FEAR – PART 1 2 conversations in 4 days with women who told me [...]

Bloody Good Vegetable Soup

If you don’t want to read the blah blah, just scroll to the end of [...]

All Or Nothing And Why It Keeps Us Stuck!

The festive season is the perfect time to address this subject, the subject of “all [...]

Trying to Jump When Maybe You Need to Climb

When you think about a ladder, you climb one rung at a time and you [...]

Why are we all hungry!

Please note this was an old blog I wrote in Winter. Due to the conversations [...]

What to do when the sweet cravings hit!

It hits some of us more than others.  Believe it or not there are people [...]

Some Changes That Worked for Me

I believe change is a good thing.  It can keep things fresh and get our [...]