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We are an intimate Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching business with a holistic view of health, fitness and fatloss. 

Our aim is to simplify what the industry has made seem complicated. We focus on quality not quantity and we believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are equally important.

Operating out of a well equipped gym at the luxurious Regency Beach Club on the beach in Dunsborough, it is our mission to provide education, motivation and accountability to get you started on being the best version of you. 

Not all training is the same and not all trainers are the same.

How you move does matter. Move better to train better to be better.

What you eat matters. Fuel your body and soul with top quality nutrition tailored to your body and training and results will ensue.

How you think matters. Think positively, think about the big picture and think about longevity to get you what you want and keep it.

We train hard but we train smart, we work WITH your body to improve it, to build it up not break it down, to make you faster, stronger, fitter, leaner and most importantly, healthier!

If you are ready to do things differently then I look forward to assisting you with personal instruction and teaching you SAFE and EFFECTIVE techniques in a non intimidating environment or via our Nutrition Coaching and Courses.

Have a look around the website and if you would like some help then drop me an email or give me a call and get started on a new path.

Operating from a modern, airconditioned studio
within a luxury resort in Dunsborough.




Leanne gave me sensible advice and set achievable goals. What she told me made sense and I found her plan really easy to follow without feeling I was denying myself good quality food. I would not hesitate to recommend Leanne to anyone wanting to permanently lose weight, get fit and lead a more healthy lifestyle.


Without seeming corny, I have met lots of different trainers, nutritionists and wellbeing advocates but they all lack your passion and dedication. I think you will be very successful as your clients will see how genuine and dedicated you are. You are helping so many people and I believe strongly in karma. Thank you for your ongoing support.